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Saturday, October 14, 2006

biting the apple

So here I sit on my couch in my iving room typing on my new apple laptop. I feel like a bit of traitor - for as long as I've had a computer, it's been a PC. In fact I bought brand new one with a whopping 21 inch screen. Lovely jubbly. Until the monitor quit and I had to unplug it, wait half a minute, then plug it in again. While I was crouched on the floor under my computer desk, counting slowly to thirty, with a plug in my hand, I thought "There has to be a better way". Then the burner of the computer quit. I called up tech support - yes they would send a new one right away. I discovered that 'right away' is a matter of perspective. To date, 'right away' hasn't happened yet. When I had to send eight error reports in the space of twenty minutes, I threw in the towel, hit my computer screen, then packed up the whole business, brought it back and bought an iMac. It's beautiful, runs without a hitch and when I bought a matching, cute, light laptop to go with, all the error reports and freeze ups and moments under my desk became a thing of the past. I guess we'll see how long this 'hitchless' period lasts. This might just be a honeymoo period, but for now, I'm in love.