Here's where I toss out my words - like words in the wind. Sometimes putting stuff out on the internet can feel like that. Hope you can catch the breeze once in awhile.

Thursday, May 04, 2006

And now a word . . . .

All my life, one of my biggest adventures was opening new scribblers and seeing that blank page waiting for me the first stroke of my pencil or pen. I loved the way some of the pages were still stuck together and I was the first one to peel them apart and put my own mark on the emptiness.

I feel the same way now, starting this blog. I called it Words in the Wind, because I'm a writer. Writers throw words out onto paper, onto computer screens, into the air and then we sit back and see how they feel, how they look, how they sound. On a good day, some will stay where they are. On a bad day, most will disappear. Like Words in the Wind.

I'm not sure what shape this blog will take. I know there are profound blogs out there, blogs that make you think and blogs that make you laugh. Most likely this one will not have that form. Most likely it will be about things that are on my mind or something I came across. Most likely it will be slightly humorous one time and not the next. That's my life. A flash of humour, a dash of profound and a lot of mundane.

Today, the mundaneness of my head cold precludes profound. Today, I'm just starting. Today, this is truly, just words in the wind.


Elsie Montgomery said...

Carolyne, welcome to this new venture, and I'm tickled to be the first one to leave a comment. You have a way with words and I will be back often to catch some of whatever you send floating on the breeze --- and I will put a link to you on my blog!

blessings, elsie

Anonymous said...

I must say I love getting a new scribbler. I mostly use them in my office so they are used for numbers and tracking projects, etc. so I look at the empty page and decide how I want it to look. It sometimes takes a couple of tries until I'm satisfied with how I'm going to keep track of something. Anyway, have fun with your blog Carolyne and I hope to check in often. I have read them all but the empty scribbler waiting for a mark caught me because I can identify with that feeling even though my use is different than yours at this stage in my life. Reading your postings reminded me that I have a binder stashed away with my writings and collections of others. I have about 70 days worth as that was how I was writing it. Someday I'll dig it out and being inspired by people like you maybe I'll start my own blog???? We'll see. Love, J