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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Life is bad for you

Now what are we supposed to do?

I just read, in my morning newspaper that chemicals used in water bottles cause prostate cancer. SO, that means that bottled water, that elixir of good health, that pinnacle of all that is pure and good, is really bottled evil. Death waiting to happen. They will now have to put a warning sign on the bottled water. (Warning – drinking this pure spring water can and/or may possibly cause some form of cancer)

Why am I not surprised? Daily reading of the newspaper will tell you that overall, living is very bad for you, because living causes death. It’s a tragedy. Meaningless, meaningless, all is meaningless and chasing after the wind, as the Teacher says in Ecclesiastes. Everything you do, everything you come into contact with is, in one form or another, bad for you. Aspirin is bad for you. Cars are bad for you. Chocolate is bad for you. (though I would dispute the science on that one). We may as well pack it in right now because life is going to end one way or the other.

The trouble is I LIKE life. I like the idea that I can wake up in the morning and do . . . well . . . things. I like being alive. I don’t like stubbing my toe or cutting my finger with my very sharp Cutco knives. (Warning – Cutco knives can cause grave bodily injury when not used correctly) But even as I see the blood flowing into the sink it reminds me that I am alive. That I can look out the window and see the little birds chirping on the branches then see them take off and fly right into my window because I forgot to put a warning sign on my window. (Warning – used improperly this window can cause flying death to any bird who thinks they might be able to go through it)

Life is fraught with dangers. To add bottled water to the list, well, so be it. I’m just thankful I don’t have a prostate.


Margaret Daley said...

I've felt the same thing, Carolyne. Water is now dangerous to our health. What isn't? I just wanted to stop by and say hi.


Deb said...

Hey, at least 50% of us are free from this particular peril! And I hear salt is no longer on the "maybe" list, either.

The truth of the matter is, eating and drinking anything will cause death, but only when done frequently over very long periods of time.

I like your website and I'm looking forward to the WF book!