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Saturday, September 02, 2006

Of Tractors and Such

The job was supposed to be simple. Or so my husband assured me before he hied himself off to a very remote place where I won't be able to reach him for a few more days. All I had to do was turn the key and our new tractor would fire up and I could pick up a very large round bale with the bale forks dump it into the feeder and all would be well in my world and the cow's world who are a little short of pasture because we haven't had rain for a number of days and we're giving them hay to supplement their feed. Trouble is when it comes to me and machinery, NOTHING is ever simple. Especially when said husband is gone. Of course the tractor wouldn't start. Of course I couldn't get hold of said husband. Of course I needed to feed the cows TODAY because I put it off for a few days because the forecast called for rain. Of course it didn't rain. A few frantic phone calls and a neighbour came to my rescue, diagnosed the problem, jerry rigged it for now and promised to show up next week with a new fuel line which was the cause of my frustration. Right. I should have known that. (hand smacking forehead). Stupid of me. When in doubt, check the fuel line. So. Of course this is all my husband's fault. (what can I say, I'm petty) Of course I need to formulate suitable revenge. (try really petty) And this is it. A semi-permanent rant. (really, really petty) Of course, what bothers me the most is when my husband comes home and I tell him, he'll laugh. His standard response to any of my frustrations.


Jesse said...

Okay, you have to check out this one song called "It was supposed to be so easy" by the Streets, I think you just might be able to relate (just a warning, there are a couple swears)

Deb said...

Of course, next time this happens (notice I didn't say IF), you'll check the fuel line, but it won't be the fuel line, it'll be the fusstaris, or the meetasportz or whatever other esoteric tractor part you've never in your life dreamed existed...

I know this because for some years in and after college I had to try to keep a '65 Ford Fairlane running or I froze & starved. For that brief period, I learned that automobiles have parts specifically designed to fusstrate anybody without their name on an embroidered shirt-patch.

I do feel yoah pain.

Recently finished ANY MAN OF MINE which I didn't buy on time 'cause I couldn't find it! It must've sold out all over the Chicago burbs. Finally ran into a copy that must've been waiting for me, at a big box store.

I think I liked this book better than any you've written. You have two voices, I think: one for the "straight" stuff and a very funny, very engaging "chick" voice.

I'll buy either, if you write it.

Deb Kinnard

Bonnie Way aka the Koala Mom said...

Laughing with and sympathizing with you, as I seem to have a similar technical handicap to yours. Doesn't help to live in a household full of mechanically-minded males, unless they are around!