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Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Yield not to Temptation

Must pay bills. Must not succumb to shiny inserts. Must not look . . .
I can't stand it. Every time I get a statement from Sears or The Hudson's Bay Company, or my bank for goodness sakes, they stick that 'sucker' stuff in it. You know what i mean. Those shiny envelope size pieces of paper advertising ladder karts, air beds, personalized Disney books. I always, always flip through them and like a magpie I always, always find something shiny that catches my eye. I'm exactly the kind of person companies are targeting. I'm the kind of person that always looks at the gadgets by the checkout counter. But I'm trying to exercise self-discipline. I only gave the inserts a quick glance this time and with each piece of paper fluttering out of my hands I said no to the fake rings ... no to the shower radio . . . no. . . . my goodness, an egg cooker and toaster in one? Looks interesting. . . .


Terry Whalin said...


Fascinating that you fall prey to those extra bill stuffers? I've looked at them in the past but never purchased anything so they provide absolute zero temptation for me.

Good post. Thank you,

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Brenda Coulter said...

So did you sign up for the egg-cooker/toaster, or what? You can't just leave us hanging like that.

Also, you really ought to post more often. I could use the laffs.