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Sunday, January 14, 2007

Dollars and Sense

A financial advisor once told us that people have two major attitudes toward money - greed and fear. I know I often struggle with either atttude. I worry about the future - and think I need more than what I have in order to maintain my current lifestyle (or even better it!). I fear losing what we have and therefore having to start all over again. Then a good friend told me something that I've tried to apply to life. Money is a tool, simply that. It isn't something to worship or run after, it is something to use. As Christians, it is also only one of the tools we use to serve our Lord. So I try to apply this attitude to my life, even though I know easily slip into one of the two negatives. This is an ongoing struggle. This month of not spending helps shift my attitude toward money. Helps me to see other things beyond what I can buy and what the money in my savings account can represent. Today was easy. Today was Sunday. We went to church, visited friends, had a nap and read our books. Spending wasn't even a blip on the radar. This is Day 14 of No Buy Month and this is Carolyne not daring to get smug (we're going to the city at the end of this week!)


The Lettershaper said...

As a poet, and an avid reader, I have to say that I very much enjoyed my leisurely stroll through your blog...it was time well spent; entertaining and enlightening. I thank you...

Rachel Hauck said...

How did I miss the spending fast? Next year, I guess.

Love the new site and you blog. I added it to my bloglines notices. :)

Love ya,