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Monday, April 30, 2007

nature naturally

My friend was teasing me about being a lazy blogger. So here's me. Blogging again. My husband and I went on a little trip a few days ago and went through the Rocky Mountains on our way to British Columbia. I took this picture of one of my favorite mountains. It's informally called, the politically incorrect, Indian Head. Can you see it? Let me know if you can.


Anonymous said...

Oh. Oh. I see it. I love the mountains. Spring makes me want to go visit them soon.

And nice to see you blogging again.

Jessica Ferguson said...

It's beautiful!!

Bonnie Way aka the Koala Mom said...

I want some mountains! :) It feels like ages since I was out there, but seeing your picture reminded me of how much I love them. Gorgeous.

rwphoto said...

i see him the chin, mouth, nose, eyes and the head dress. it is realy neat. funny thing is that in my home town we had a mountain called indian head too, yours you can see a little better, up here in alaska we have a mountain called sleeping lady and it has a story behind it. this is so cool and i wonder about other places that might have the same thank you for sharring it is beautifull yours rachell